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My Travel Agent Rocks!

Name:  Shelly Reister
Company:  Travel by That Girl
Date: June 8, 2015

Shelly Reister is a travel agent who goes the extra mile to take care of her customers. She is the owner of Travel by That Girl in Birmingham, Ala., and the winner of ASTA's 2015 Extra Mile Award.

Here's why she won the award for her dedication to her client:Read More »

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Packing Tips: To Pack or Not To Pack? That Is The Question!

Packing TipsThere are two kinds of travelers in the world: those who packed light and those who wish they had. To include everything needed in as little space as possible, follow these helpful packing tips compiled by ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents). ASTA travel agent members know the techniques of efficient packing and packing tips for all types of travel.

Be in control of your luggage and not at its mercy. With a little TravelSense, a few packing guidelines and some helpful packing tips, traveling light will be an easy plan to follow. You can create your own personalized packing list with this easy to use tool.

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Travel Tips: Tipping Etiquette

Tipping EtiquetteTipping etiquette can be very confusing while on vacation. Whom should you tip? When and how much? Do you need to tip at all?

Never fear! With this simple guide to tipping etiquette we'll take the guesswork out of cruises, tour guides and more.

Travelsense will help you focus on more important things - like enjoying your vacation.

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Travel Agents Improve Your Travel Experience

Professional travel agents actively seek ways to take the hassle out of travel. For example, they want to make sure that all of an airline's "hidden" fees are disclosed up front, no matter how you choose to purchase your travel. You are entitled to full and honest disclosure of all fees and charges associated with air travel before you purchase a ticket, whether you choose to purchase directly from an airline or from a travel agency. ASTA member travel agents are working to make sure that is available to you.

In fact, 2014 research shows that travelers that use an agent travel more and are more satisfied with their trip. The research also shows that over half of Millennial, Xer and Boomer leisure travelers who used travel agents believe that vacations planned with travel agents were better than those organized without their assistance.

FREE Trip QuoteASTA member travel agents are the lead professionals in the field and are dedicated to providing you with great service. Use this with FREE Trip Quotes online or on your iPhone. A good travel agent will provide you with a broader knowledge and an entire range of services and information up front so that you, the traveling public, can make informed decisions.

Travel agents are there to answer your questions, help you save money, offer suggestions and ensure comfort throughout your journey. Travel agents have an abundance of helpful traveling tips. They can assist you in last-minute changes to your travel plans, provide trip quotes, and save money on hotels and air. The bottom line is that travel agents have a vital interest in providing you with an unforgettable experience.

Packing ListCreate Your Own Packing List!
Create your own packing list based upon your destination, accommodations, weather, tour activities and number of travelers. Print off a checklist or email it to yourself! Create your packing list now!


'CBS This Morning' host Gayle King states that she swears by travel agents. The national business travel correspondent for USA Today says that travel agents "serve a vital service."

Consumer advocate and USA Today journalist Christopher Elliott's #1 travel recommendation is - "WORK with a travel agents".

Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton - "I have a deep appreciation for the magic [travel agents] work every single day. [Travel agents] help Americans follow their dreams."

Follow your dreams - get a trip quote from a professional travel agent. No purchase necessary.

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