Learn To Cruise

Learn to Cruise

Cruising is an exciting and adventurous travel excursion.  Whether you are on your honeymoon or planning a vacation with friends and/or family a cruise can be a relaxing and rewarding experience that offers the opportunity to explore many parts of the world. Cruise Critic’s very own Carolyn Spencer Brown has some tips to help jump start your cruise and to help you score an awesome cruise bargain.

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By: Carolyn Spencer Brown, Chief Content Strategist, Cruise Critic

One of the best by-products of working at Cruise Critic for 14 years (and covering cruise travel for The Washington Post and other media outlets for another six before I joined the website) is when pals of pals of pals — most of whom have never cruised — call for advice.
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Here’s the best advice I can give you: Invest 20 minutes and talk with a travel agent about your dream cruise. He or she knows the cruise lines, ships and itineraries better than you ever could and can tell you the real value of all those add-on packages. A travel agent is your conduit to an uncomplicated cruise.
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In the midst of planning a winter vacation, I plugged a few parameters into an online search engine, and out spooled a truly breathtaking array of cruise bargains. Nearly 300! Aside from the investment in time just wading through so many choices, the results most likely make even the most experienced cruise traveler wonder...
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