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Ms. Wanda S. Radetti

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About me: My journeys are about creating bridges of cultures, friendships, as well as expansion of the heart and mind. I’ve traveled extensively for pleasure, work and education to such places as Asia, Africa, North and South America and most of the Caribbean. I have been exploring Croatia and this region throughout my lifetime, the expertise I bring to my clients is gained through my firsthand experience. I have engaged with Croatia and the region by immersing all my senses. I have journeyed through the history of Croatia, and walked the ancient streets, which have for centuries been coveted and desired. In Zagreb I have witnessed the century old ritual of lamp lighters and felt the romance as the gas lamps slowly illuminate the street of Kaptol. I have walked through the extravagant, explosive colors of the flower market. I have meandered along the mountain roads of Gorski Kotar National Park, where I spontaneously stopped to pick wild violets and tasted the most delicious mushrooms I have ever ate. I have cruised the ancient oyster beds, and savored the best, most succulent oysters of the Mediterranean. It is through my personal connections I am able to offer special access to travelers of Visit Croatia - Tasteful Croatian Journeys which allows them to fully experience and maximize the value of their journey. I personally visit each and every site I recommend to travelers so I can attest to the superb quality of every locale. I have dined at each restaurant, I am familiar with the quality of the dining experience; the service, the meals, the ambiance and I personally know much of the staff. I visit each hotel, I the management team and keep in regular contact with them, I have sleep in the rooms, dined at the restaurants, and enjoyed the seaside views of the majestic Adriatic. Each of our guides are carefully selected based on personal inspection, I know them to possess genuine passion and to offer exceptional service that allows guests to discover the mystery and ma
Tasteful Croatian Journeys introduces our travelers to the treasures of Croatia. I offer Croatia for you to explore, discover, experience and forever cherish.
My intimate knowledge of Croatia has offered me personal explorations that are so precious to me. Croatia’s approximately 2000 gorgeous and distinctive islands are dotted along the famed Adriatic Coast – The sapphire, turquoise, and emerald colors of the Adriatic Sea arouse my inquisitiveness – I have tried to reach as many islands as possible…I’ve called out “ima ribe?” to the silent fisherman as he navigates his boat filled with sparkling fish. The sea air commingles with the aromas of lavender and rosemary. I have feasted on sardelle drizzled with pure Dalmatian oil, accented with golden drops of plump, fresh lemons of the Neretva Valley of Dubrovnik. Continue to the Pelijesac Peninsula, in a town simply called Ston, the ancient beds still offer their erotic fruit where I’ve enjoyed my “passeggiata” along the second longest protected wall of the world. In Dubrovnik, the pearl of the Adriatic, I’ve strolled within the protection of such a magnificent jewel. I have been dazzled by the dramatic vistas offered by the Adriatic Coast of Croatia; everlasting memories that I can never replace nor possibly reinvent…only new adventures to uncover! Let my Tasteful Croatian Journeys introduce you to the treasures of Croatia. I offer Croatia for you to explore, discover, experience and forever cherish.
Unforgettable night under the stars: Beginning of August, sailing about Croatia’s Kornati Islands National Park – on the S/Y Vanessa. Inebriated by the golden sunset and Bastianich grappa, four girl friends lay down on deck to pay homage to the majestic sky of Croatia. As it turns from a pristine turquoise to indigo blue velvet, it is not long before the night sky is studded by millions of golden diamonds. The moon hangs low and furnishes a halo of light, as if demurely asking for permission to join us. Soft waves accompany the warm breeze to serenade us with a lullaby it has perfected through the ages. As the coolness of the night envelops us, we reach below deck to don airplane socks. We dismantle our bunks to retrieve the blankets. Now, the four of us dressed in the same caftan. All fashion sense tossed to the wind, as nature’s beauty reigns supreme, we surrender to it. Back on deck, we resume our positions and are delighted by the spectacle of Falling Stars… Le Notti di San Lorenzo! We spend the night as explorers taking ownership, based on who saw it first, and baptizing the luminous plumes crossing the sky. Lulled to sleep by the rocking motion caused by the gentle waves, we dissolve into colorful dreams and restful sleep. As the sun of Zora (dawn) begins to warm the Adriatic, we stir and stretch our limbs. After a breakfast wetted by hot and black espresso, we dive in the new day that will offer fresh pleasures to our Adriatic Adventure. We treasure the day, we savor the sights, but await the night for another evening under the stars.


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