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Warm Caribbean Waters - Dive In

You can't help but close your eyes when you first hit the water. Even with the mask secured snuggly over your face, your eyes instinctively shut as you tip backwards out of the boat and into the welcoming embrace of the warm Caribbean Sea. Once under, you spend the first few moments righting yourself in the liquid silence, until finally opening your eyes.

Diving in the CaribbeanAnd then you close them again, for the colors and the clarity in front of you are unbelievable.

Diving into the waters of the Caribbean is diving into paradise. The vibrant world that playfully lurks underwater is more dream than real, where colors come alive and exotic sea creatures lead you on an aquatic journey that defies the senses.

Discover the weightless exhilaration of diving in the astonishingly clear waters of the Caribbean, where you will find barrier reefs stretching for miles and mountain walls plunging into the ocean depths; where tropical fish, sharks and octopi gracefully roam; and where the wrecks of centuries-old ships rest, sent to the bottom of the sea by—you guessed it—pirates of the Caribbean.

From beginners just getting their snorkels wet to experienced cave divers, the Caribbean has something for everyone. Not to mention rapturous resorts to rest between dives, sipping drinks out of coconut shells and telling anyone who'll listen your saltwater tales.

To find the ideal Caribbean diving location for you and your family, swim over to your friendly neighborhood travel agent. With each island offering something fresh and unique, a travel agent can help you wade through the murky waters of indecision and dive right into the crystal clear vacation of a lifetime, creating the perfect diving package complete with luxurious nights in a beachfront hotel and guided trips out to sea at a price that won't give you the bends.

Exhilaration of diving in the astonishingly clear waters of the CaribbeanPackages exist for all types of diving adventures, even snorkeling. Fun for all ages, snorkeling is an awe-inspiring peek just below the surface of the water where the most colorful fish fearlessly frolic. Relax and let the current guide you along the world's third-largest barrier reef, where the sandy ocean floor teeters before your eyes from the lively interaction of sunlight and sea life.

Have a fantasy come true on a dolphin dive, where you and your family can play a game of tag with these loveable creatures for a truly unforgettable encounter. For more thrills, descend into the dining room of blacktip and reef sharks on a shark dive, where you can admire them up-close-and-personal while feeding these powerful eating machines in a secure environment.

For the more experienced divers, feel the rush and excitement of plunging down a sheer wall to explore the mysterious depths. Many of the islands are the pinnacles of underwater mountain ranges, offering fascinating adventures just off the coast, so all you have to do is slip on your fins and walk straight off the beach.

Whichever diving option you explore, don't be surprised to find the eerie remains of a sunken ship. The treacherous reef, naval battles and merciless pirates have claimed hundreds of majestic vessels, now decorating the ocean floor, seething with secrets. Only a few of the wooden carcasses are haunted.

Like the lost ships, each Caribbean island holds a diving secret just waiting to be told. The waves of Anguilla, a diving destination internationally known for shipwrecks, whisper of a 960-ton Spanish galleon, El Buen Consejo, resting quietly on the ocean floor with her cannons aimed straight at the heart of the Caribbean's turbulent past.

Diving in the CaribbeanBoth Antigua and Barbuda are almost completely surrounded by well-preserved coral reefs and shipwrecks, with little or no current in most places, creating up to 140 feet of visibility. Squint and you may see clear to South America. The Mushroom Forest in Curacao is one of the top dives in the world, where 40 feet below the emerald waters you'll find a forest of mountainous star corals shaped like 10-feet high mushrooms for an Alice in Underwaterland adventure.

St. Lucia is the tip of an underwater volcano that's overflowing with marine life. As mountainous below sea level as above, the paradisiacal island is a major draw for divers around the globe interested in catching a peek at The Thing, a mysterious serpentine creature of mythical proportions that has been called the "Loch Ness Monster on Vacation."

Place your ear to a conch shell found on any Caribbean beach and you will hear the beautiful chirping of dolphins inviting you in for a swim. No wonder scuba diving was invented in the Caribbean. Whether you are just learning, improving your skills or snorkeling around, the best waters in the world are waiting for you in the Caribbean.

Contact an ASTA travel agent to set up a dive package just right for you. Dive packages can include flights, relaxing nights in a hotel on the beach, guided tours to the best dive spots and all the equipment and instruction you'll need. All you have to bring is a healthy set of eyes to feast on the unbelievable beauty.

Dive in! Click here to find a travel agent today and set your sights on the warm Caribbean waters.

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