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African Savana


African Safari African Safari

At dawn you awaken inside your tent and stretch, enjoying the cool fresh air after a restful night's sleep. Outside your tent the natural noises of the camp site emerge. Grasshoppers chirp in a hypnotic, high-pitched chorus. Frogs croon sad songs in the reeds. And a lion roars in the distance. A lion? Read More ›

Africa Africa The Vibrant

The world's second largest continent offers a wide variety of experiences including vibrant cities, deserts and safari parks. Etosha national park Serengeti Wildlife Conservation ETOSHA NATIONAL PARK, NAMIBIA: Namibia is ideal for those looking for more independence and self-drive safaris which... Read More ›

Morocco Morocco

The dunes outside Merzouga in the heart of the Sahara are taller than you imagine. Rising 150 meters high in some places, the intoxicating piles of peach-colored sand create an ocean of sensual curves, beckoning you to ascend. But climbing dunes is a skill, especially in the loosely packed Saharan sands...Read More ›

South Africa South Africa

When you try to imagine a South Africa vacation, the wild images of roaring lions and other predators on a humid, adrenaline-rushing African safari probably come to mind first. If the African safari trip is not right for you, consider painting a new mental picture that goes far beyond the wide-open fields... Read More ›

Seychelles Seychelles

You may recognize Seychelles by another name, a name used by almost every visitor who sets foot on this archipelago in the Indian Ocean a thousand miles off the coast of Kenya. They call it the Garden of Eden, for you cannot help but leap to such a conclusion upon seeing this pristine sanctuary of legendary beauty spread over 115 islands. Read More ›

Africa Blue Train South Africa Blue Train

Traveling by train is a highly enjoyable, hypnotic escape into another world. The preferred method of adventure by millions, trains romantically carry wide-eyed travelers to the very brink of all that is wild and wonderful, smoothly covering diverse terrains to connect the four corners of the world.Read More ›