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Calagary Stampede to Calagary

Calgary is a young city. Young historically, as it was founded relatively recently, in 1875, at the junction of Alberta's Bow and Elbow rivers as a post for Mounties, inaccessible until the Canadian Pacific Railway arrived in 1883. Then ranchers flocked to the area, drawn by vast, sweeping plains... Read More ›

Canadian Rockies Banff & The Canadian Rockies

Mountains have many talents. They inspire poets and protect villages. They attract snow and tourists, and find unique ways to challenge thrill-seekers and daredevils. They mix rainwater and melting snow to form streams that playfully dance and race down rocks from the summit to the valley floor. Read More ›

Canada's Eastern Provinces Cruising Canada's Eastern Provinces

Usually there's only one legitimate way to make so difficult a choice: flipping a coin. Heads — you take a cruise along the eastern seaboard, visiting New England's charming fishing villages rife with colonial pride and fresh lobster Tails — you set sail for Alaska, storming up the west coast... Read More ›

Victoria Victoria - Always in Season

Around Victoria, British Columbia, a city of sweeping gardens and bountiful flowers on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, your eyes will feast on the sights. You might even see Caddy, a legendary sea monster with a long, greenish-brown body and a camel-like head, swimming in the bay, or even a sixteen-inch footprint from a Sasquatch... Read More ›