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Paris River Cruise


Cruising Scandinavia's Capitals Cruising Scandinavia's Capitals

Vikings held a great respect for the Baltic Sea. Those daring Norse explorers, the first to conquer the Atlantic, would boldly cross the Baltic waters in knarrs, long, high-walled wooden vessels, slicing through the waves with the wind in their beards. And they would smile—huge, toothy grins. From the tip of Norway, around Denmark, past Sweden and up to Finland they would smile...Read More ›

ItalyCulinary Tours Culinary Tours of Italy

Ah Italy! The Roman ruins, Renaissance art, medieval villages and Venetian canals create visions so pleasing to your eyes that it's easy to forget about your other senses. And while the cultural beauty, rustic traditions and genuine Italian hospitality always leave a good taste in your mouth, it's the cuisine that truly seduces all who travel to Il Belpaese - the Beautiful Country... Read More ›

Dublin Emerald Isle Family Fun and Adventure on the Emerald Isle

Looking for fresh ideas for your next big vacation? Dublin is an incredible travel experience for everyone in the family. This evolving city comes from a rich heritage dating back to the 10th century and embraces a long and proud tradition of great food, drink, music and companionship. With colorful gardens, ancient medieval castles, new and exciting foods and tales of leprechauns... Read More ›

Vibrant Heritage & Culture England - Vibrant Heritage & Culture

You'll have the chance to learn about English culture through a variety of remarkable historical and cultural treasures, including monuments from the Neolithic time period, widely renowned cathedrals and abbeys dating back to the 11th century, preserved Roman architecture and prehistoric artifacts... Read More ›

Germany Bicycle Tours Germany - A Bicycle Trip Built for You

There is something in the air in Germany that inspires. There is something in the air in Germany that inspiresIt inspired the likes of Bach, Beethoven and Brahms to create some of the world's most stirring music; Goethe, Mann and Hesse to write the words that redefined the modern novel; and Nietzsche, Kant and Schopenhauer to shake the very foundations of philosophy.Read More ›

Sailing the Greek Isles Sailing the Greek Isles of Myth and Magic

When Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea, is in a good mood, he calms the seas. When in a bad mood, he strikes the rocky ground with his trident, causing turbulant springs, earthquakes and shipwrecks. He must be in a good mood nowadays as he rides the waves , surveying the 6,000 islands and islets of the Greek Isles scattered in the Aegean and Ionian Seas, for the waters stay calm and clear year round.... Read More ›

London Fine Arts England - Vibrant Heritage & Culture

Go behind the scenes and tour London in style - discovering the true beauty of the European city you thought you knew. Travel to London, a unique destination with a rich, royal history and a creative charisma that lures all kinds of world travelers with a common love for its unmatched arts scene Take a break from touring Buckingham Palace and the iconic abbeys and cathedrals — and experience the very soul of English culture.... Read More ›

Lyon France Lyon, France: Luxury & Culture

Filled with beguiling cities, sleepy villages and long stretches of river and mountains, Lyon offers an extraordinary cultural journey through Europe's finest landscapes and famous districts — in style. This is the vacation to pamper yourself in the luxurious spas, boutique and historic hotels and fine arts theaters of the delectable French metropolis. Visit Lyon France Located in the very heart of Europe...Read More ›

Mediterranean Cruise - Time Travel by Ship Mediterranean Cruise - Time Travel by Ship

Think of the Mediterranean and your mind leaps straight into the Sea itself. Clear and warm, the waters gently greet soft, sandy beaches while hiding secrets of ancient cities in the depths below. Then your mind reaches the shores, home to 30 centuries of culture and history, where you feel the epic sweep of the Greek and Roman Empires.... Read More ›

Rome Cultural Sites of Italy and Germany

With 101 different ways to travel Europe, you're bound to experience many first-time memories, whether you're a new or repeat visitor. You could see each country and its quintessential city life, beautiful snow-capped mountains, finest vineyards and wide-stretching valleys by bicycle, train, plane, car or foot.It's the golden destination that has something for everyone,... Read More ›

Prague Castles and Cobblestones

After one glance at the multitude of black-tipped spires that beautifully dissect every view, you'll see why many call Prague the City of a Hundred Spires. Yet this beloved capital of the Czech Republic could also be called the City of Wide Eyes, for its beauty comes at you from every angle, and visitors and citizens alike cannot help but walk around wide-eyed with wonder trying to soak it all in. Read More ›

Swiss Alps Glacier Express - Swiss Alps by Train

A postcard cannot capture the stunning, visual impact of the Alps. Nor can 4x6 inch pictures, digital photos online or giant oil paintings from accomplished Renaissance masters. To truly appreciate these colossal pieces of rock art, you must go up, down, around and through them, amazing feats that are best accomplished with ease and style in Switzerland... Read More ›

Rome Turkey Travel Guide

Turkey, favorably remembered as the "cradle of civilizations," is a fascinating destination full of surprises in every nook and cranny. With numerous treasures recounting the country's 10,000-year history, ,Turkey is perfect for romance, inspiration and even adventure... Read More ›

Prague Top Attractions in Europe

Although relatively small compared to other continents, Europe is surprisingly varied in terms of topography and climate.PARIS, FRANCE: The City of Light is home to 500 historic monuments and nearly 100 museums. Iconic sights include the Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysees, Arc de Triomphe and the breathtaking royal palace of Versailles, on the western outskirt. Read More ›

OutBack Hidden Treasures In The Austrailian Outback

Australia is a country most travelers merely sip, sampling the popular tourist attractions without straying too far from the ocean. Its celebrated east coast captures all the attention, and deservedly so, from the Great Barrier Reef to Surfers Paradise and the Gold Coast to the beautiful Sydney Harbour and Melbourne's cosmopolitan splendor. These star attractions unfortunately steal a majority of the... Read More ›