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Money-Saving Travel Tips - Save on Summer Travel

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How to Save on Summer Travel - With Rising Gas and Air Prices Find Ways Save!

Summer is quickly approaching so before you load the kids into the car to escape town, there are few money-saving tips you might want to consider.

"Whether you are traveling internationally, by car or just for the weekend, costs are going up and it is important to save on the small things," said Chris Russo, ASTA president and chair. "An ASTA travel agent is your best resource for finding ways to save while you travel this summer."

When traveling internationally:

  • Visit destinations where the U.S. dollars is closest in value to the local currency (currency in the Caribbean is tied to the U.S. dollar, for example)
  • Look for all inclusive packages, such as resorts or cruises and pay upfront in U.S. dollars
  • Ask your travel agent about locations that may be less costly as they are in their 'off season'

Ways to save money on hotels:

  • Ask your travel agent about upgrading your hotel reservation to a room with two king size beds instead of getting two hotel rooms when traveling in groups or with kids
  • Ask your travel agent to find hotels where kids stay for free or cheaper when traveling with kids
  • Ask your travel agent to find a hotel room with a kitchenette so you can take care of a few meals yourself instead of eating out for every meal
  • Your travel agent can suggest properties that might offer complimentary breakfast or heavy hors d'oeuvres in the afternoon.

When traveling by car:

  • Pack the car as light as possible - the more weight, the harder the car works and the more gas you use
  • When renting a car for a large group of people, renting one SUV saves on gas mileage vs. renting two smaller cars
  • Make sure tire pressure is accurate so that gas is spent efficiently
  • Use only the grade level of gas that your car owners manual calls for, nothing more
  • Use cruise control to run the engine efficiently and save on gas

Ways to save at home while you are away:

  • Turn the air conditioning off or down
  • Put your lights on timers
  • Unplug large appliances like TV's and computers
  • Turn off automatic sprinklers

Other Tips:

  • Buy travel insurance: it may cost more upfront, but has the potential to save you thousands
  • Fly in and out of airports that may be farther outside of the city to get cheaper flights then take public transportation into the city
  • If a family member has a business trip, consider adding your vacation onto the end of the trip so there is one less plane ticket to pay for
  • Consider a volunteer vacation--the volunteer portion of your travel may be a tax write-off

Let us connect you with the expertise to navigate summer travel! Find a travel agent two ways: search our Find a Travel agent directory or request a FREE trip quote and agents will respond to you.

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