Members may be censured, suspended for up to one (1) year from membership rights, expelled from ASTA, or have other appropriate action taken against them if found to have engaged in violations of the ASTA Code of Ethics (the “Code”), the organization’s Bylaws, or are determined to have submitted false information on any ASTA membership application.  Member discipline shall be considered upon recommendation of the staff by the Executive Committee in the first instance, with ratification by the Board of Directors.                                                          

The second table below contains the names of ASTA members or former members that have been disciplined for violations of the Code, the organization’s Bylaws, or both, as a result of a consumer or business-to-business dispute within last 36 months.  Individuals or agencies that have had their membership in ASTA terminated due to such a violation shall be ineligible to reapply for membership for a minimum of three years from the effective date of the termination.  Please note that inclusion on this list does not mean that the member or former member has been charged with a violation of any applicable law.

Questions of a general nature regarding ASTA’s dispute resolution procedures or the membership status of any agency appearing on this list may be directed to ASTA’s Consumer Affairs Department at  However, information obtained by ASTA in the course of an investigation of a complaint against a member is deemed confidential.  Accordingly, we are not in a position to respond to requests for specific information concerning the circumstances which resulted in disciplinary action against any particular member.

Summary of discipline imposed as a result of consumer complaints or business-to-business disputes over the last 36 months:


Discipline Number
Censure 0
Suspension 0
Termination 6


Action taken against members in this time period:

Member Name Location Complaint Type Status Discipline Imposed Effective Date
CBS International Group Inc. Astoria, NY Consumer Unresolved Termination 12-15-15
Emslies Ltd. Winter Park, FL Consumer Unresolved Termination 8-31-15
Exotic Journeys, Inc. Chicago, IL Business-to-Business Unresolved Termination 2-24-17
Fare Depot Arlington, VA Consumer Unresolved Termination 8-23-16
Global Housing Services Corp. Astoria, NY Consumer Unresolved Termination 12-15-15
Insignia Travels LLC Wilmington, DE Consumer Unresolved Termination 9-1-15
Midtown Travel, LLC New York, NY Consumer Unresolved Termination 8-21-18
Punjab Trip Inc Vienna, VA Consumer Unresolved Termination 8-19-20
Universal Travel System Santa Monica, CA Business-to-Business Unresolved Termination 8-23-16
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