From hiking in New Hampshire, to cozying up seaside in Maine, there are a number of ways to observe and experience all the colors of a New England fall.

At New England’s busiest time of year, it can often be overwhelming as to where to start navigating your way through the region’s famed fall foliage. Though many opt to marvel at the golds and auburn through their windshield, having the chance to spend time up close and personal in nature at this time of year offers an unforgettable trip, so why settle for a drive?

How about soaring above the changing canopies in a chairlift, the cool breeze on your face? What about a boat ride juxtaposing the moody coastal colors against the vibrant autumn hues? Why not plan a hike to collect some of those fallen colors to take home with you? There are plenty of ways to leaf peep this autumn, and your travel advisor is here to assist in planning the best option for you and your travel companions. Here are a few of our favorite ways to optimize the colorful season in each New England state:

New Hampshire

Renowned for its mountains and sprawling wooded areas, there’s no better place to hike amidst a consistent surrounding of foliage. If breaking a sweat isn’t in your agenda, you can opt to ride up Mount Washington, one of the state’s most famous peaks, on the world’s first mountain-climbing cog railway, or curl up in a lake house overlooking postcard-worthy views of the dramatic landscape.

Leaf peeping in New England is a right of passage, don’t miss your chance to experience the transformation this year.


Admire the colors on a hay ride at one of the state’s sprawling farms, while sipping a craft brew or locally produced wine, or soaring over the ski slopes that have yet to start producing snow; a chair lift allows a multi-sensory experience as the cool, seasonal air nips at your nose with unobstructed views as far as the eye can see. Your agent will be able to advise on which resorts are open for off-season lift rides. vermont

Rhode Island

Believe it or not, coastal resorts are just as popular, if not more popular, at this time of year than during the sunny days of summer. Thanks to many property’s locations along the shore, and amenities well-equipped for cooler weather, you can watch the leaves fall from the comfort of your guest room, curled up in front of the fire, or schedule one of the autumn-centric excursions offered, from a boat tour to a casual hike. Your agent will know the properties with the best offerings to take advantage of this leaf season.


Spend time wandering the fallen leaves against one of New England’s most historic city sidewalks; Boston. Whether you’re meandering through the Boston Common or venturing out to pick apples amidst a flare of colors, you won’t be disappointed in the city-nature experience.


From the rugged coast to the lakes in between the wooded hills, Maine’s landscape offers the perfect observatory for any type of traveler. Lobster rolls are still in season so indulge in them while you still can. Your agent can advise the restaurants still serving up this delicious New England staple.


A number of hikes await you in this state, from the Heublein Tower peak to the Sleeping Giant. There’s also the chance to take in the views closer to the shore or high above in Mohegan or Foxwoods’ towering hotels over protected reserves of transforming trees.

Regardless of which state you end up exploring, or if you decide to treat yourself to a road trip to explore them all, we’re here to ensure you optimize what’s left of the season.

By: Jillian Dara

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