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These stories underscore exactly why YOU SHOULD ALWAYS USE A TRAVEL ADVISOR.

  1. "One call to a Travel Advisor on behalf of his older parents, had them home the next day from the Caribbean."
    - Virginia Barthel, European Travel Whisperer/Nexion, LLC
  2. "I was able to cancel the booking that I made for them in no time flat--they didn't even have to pick up the phone."
    - Thomas Carpenter, Huckleberry Travel
  3. "Stuck in Peru. Advisor leverages her network to get the group home."
    - Liora Limon Cohen, TravelLulu
  4. "With a 160-person wedding on a cruise ship on the line, the Travel Advisor saves the day."
    - Ran Cohen, RC Travel For Less
  5. "From March 13 on, I have helped some 200 people get home. I have answered every call, every text message, every email, and Facebook message"
    -Teresa Gogan, The Travel Store
  6. "Hours before the Kigali airport would close, a family of five, including one autistic child, and the family's service dog, needed to get out of Rwanda."
    - Katie Hartman, Kalikosmos Travel
  7. "Able to postpone the trip to 2021 and retain 100% of the purchase price towards future travel to Ireland for a family of 8."
    Shawn Kendall, Trademark Vacations
  8. "I was almost in tears of happiness for my clients. I cannot tell you how extremely relieved they were for not losing thousands of dollars."
    -Toni McConnaughey, The Travel Team
  9. "Missionary workers in Sri Lanka and Egypt needed to get back so this advisor jumped into action and enlisted her mom, a travel industry vet, to help."
    -Susan McDougal, Suzqz Travels
  10. "Group travel to Portugal would have been lost if this advisor didn’t negotiate a flexible future travel plan with local partners."
    -Sheree Mitchell, Immersa Global
  11. "Advised client to postpone, not cancel for a trip to Italy. The advisor was able to reschedule everything and save the client $500."
    - Mary Pat Rosewicz, Your Travel Mom
  12. "Students stranded in Spain. Advisor brings classmates home."
    - Rhonda Porter, Travel and Transport
  13. "A family of 3 stuck in Italy. The race to get home before borders close."
    -Trisha Rathke, VIP Travel Designs
  14. "Morocco’s borders closed: land, sea and air!"
    - Julie Sivertson, Gather Away
  15. "Brought back 54 students from 26 countries all safely home in a moment's notice."
    - Jackie Wager, Travel One Inc
  16. "13-hour time differences and non-refundable costs, a Travel Advisor never takes no for an answer."
    - Angel Wilson, Dream Journey LLC

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