Israel’s two largest cities say a lot about this dichotomy of a country that touts more history per capita than any place in the world while also having the most startups and innovation per capita on the planet. From Jerusalem’s Old City right out of the bible to Tel Aviv’s hip, chic vibe attracting the attention of top tech brands such as Google as well as entertainment’s who’s who (Neil Patrick Harris was just honored as the International Pride Ambassador) alike, now is the time to learn about and visit this destination. Check all of your assumptions at the gate of one of our nonstop gateways from the US (JFK, EWR, BOS, SFO, MIA, LAS, MCO, IAD, and ORD coming March 2020!). See you in the promised land!


Falafel balls aren’t all that is rolling on the Israeli food scene. Israel’s population of 9 million is arguably even more diverse than New York City. With more than 70 different ethnicities all mixing together, you can dip into a lot more than hummus (though the hummus is spectacular) all around the country. And don’t forget to wash it all down with wine from one of the 300+ wineries. Skeptical? Take a look at the James Beard awards in recent years with Israeli chefs Michael Solomonov and Alon Shaya winning Outstanding Chef and New Restaurant of the year respectively, and Israel’s wineries covered in publications such as the Wine Spectator. Lastly, in today’s market, there are a lot of picky eaters. Not only does Israel offer a diversity of flavors, but the culinary scene is accustomed to accommodating an array of dietary restrictions from allergies to preferences. In fact, Tel Aviv has more vegans and vegan restaurants per capita than any place in the world. There is something for everyone to bite (or sip) into!

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You might not know it by its name, but there is a place along the Mediterranean that touches three continents, has six different climate zones, four totally distinct and different bodies of water, and boasts the lowest and second lowest places on earth. In Israel, you can explore geological formations unseen in the rest of the world, hike, bike, ski and even go on an archaeological dig to uncover the past. While there are many countries that boast such activities, Israel offers them in an area approximately the size of New Jersey. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can fit most of them into the same day!

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Live the Story

Israel is a place where faith and history intertwine. It is a land where so many important stories and discoveries have taken place that continue to influence our world in so many ways. A trip to Israel can impact a person’s own story for the rest of their life. From connecting to the roots of the three monotheistic faiths – literally walking in the footsteps of the bible – to learning about kibbutz life, (an egalitarian farming community) the narratives of Israel are diverse and compelling to any traveler. With an inherently curious and interactive culture, one need not look far to find a vast array of home hosted dining experiences, or even an opportunity to volunteer for a cause. These interactive opportunities

coupled with the tremendous preservation of historical sites, and the highest number of museums per capita in the world (from archaeology to modern art) create a recipe for life long impact. But perhaps above all, touring experiences are supported by one of the world’s most renowned and highly trained guides (required training lasts 1.5 years of extensive education). Let them show you the way! Book a trip. Live the story.

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The Advisor’s Touch

With so much to offer, Israel may not be all that you may have assumed. But it is clear that with so much to see and do, this destination is a travel advisor’s forte. It should not be surprising that the majority of tourists book Israel via their trusted travel advisors. With a 42% increase in tourism since 2016, now is the perfect time for an advisor to book your trip to visit and learn more about Israel. In short, there is a lot of promise in a visit to (or simply interest in) the Promised Land by the ASTA travel advisor.


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