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Mr. Robert Hale, CTA,CTC,DS, LS, VTA

Phone: (720) 594-6945

Escape! Webster’s Dictionary describes the word as - “to get free of: to break away from.” I believe the word describes perfectly what an incredible vacation is all about! As a Certified Travel Counselor (CTC) with over 20 years in the industry, I strive to create magical dream escapes for all of my guests that will remove you from the stresses of today’s world and deliver you into a remarkable holiday experience! My belief is that vacations come into our lives all too rarely and, as such, it is vital to provide you with value packed, amazing, personalized travel stories and experiences where YOU are the star when your vacation time does appear! It is with that goal in mind that I work with my guests to provide you with a customized escape that is not only value packed but is also perfectly designed to match your dreams, wishes and desires! From destination weddings, honeymoons and other romance celebration escapes to weekend getaways, family vacations or soothing health and wellness holidays imagine your perfect vacation. I’ll make it happen!

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By Judy Jewel, ACC, ACM on Jan 31, 2019
Excellent Experience!

Travel N Relax Inc

15385 E 7th Cir Aurora, CO 80011-7603 UNITED STATES

Mr. Robert Hale, CTA,CTC,DS, LS, VTA

Phone: (720) 594-6945

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  • Italy
  • Latin America & Mexico
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