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Mr. Sean P. O'Rourke

CEO & Co-Founder
Phone: +34 986 221399

Tailor-made Tour Specialist for Spain & Portugal.

Tours to Spain & Portugal

Spain & Portugal Tailor-made Tour Expert since 1999

Sean is the co-founder and CEO of EATour Specialist. He dedicated to designing and organizing unique tour packages for small groups, families, couples and individuals travelling to Spain and Portugal. Tours can be arranged fully escorted with an experienced guide for small groups and customized chauffeur driven tours, or detailed self-drive tours for the independent travellers.

Far from just reading out of tour guide books, Sean O’Rourke has immersed himself in his adopted country (Galicia, Spain) and truly wants you to understand and enjoy its culture. He personally guides their specialized small group historic, gourmet food & wine tours in Galicia.

Sean is well versed in the various topics covered on the tour such as Celtic Hill-forts and music, the religious pilgrimage to Santiago or also know as the Camino de Santiago, Galician-Roman-Celtic history, winemaking, wine tasting, Galician modern & traditional cuisine, etc.

Sean’s travels have taken him throughout Europe and Britain extensively. His interest into the Spanish culture has given him the ability to speak fluently in Spanish. Sean would be glad to translate and help with some basic vocabulary while on your vacation in Galicia, Spain.  One of Sean’s many pastimes is the study of ancient Celtic history, Galicia and it’s the connection to the other Celtic nations (Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Cornwall, Brittany and Isle of Man) has been his latest project and would love to share with you all the legends and stories of Galicia. Sean is Canadian, but of Scottish & Irish roots and his wife Angie is Galician, their goal is to show visitors an insider’s point of view of “GALICIA, SPAIN’S HIDDEN CELTIC PARADISE

What I specialize in…

  • Customized itinerary design from mid to upscale travel
  • Luxury travel
  • Small group travel off the beaten-path
  • City breaks
  • Family holidays
  • Private drivers and guides
  • All different types of experiences & themes with a strong emphasis on…

Food & Wine Tours to Spain and Portugal

Gastronomic Food & Wine Travel

One of the hardest things to get right when visiting a foreign country is picking the best food and wines just like the locals do. Searching for reviews over the web can help to find great foodie spots, but does this really give you the same knowledge as a local Eating expert that has eaten and drank his way across the country trying all types of food & wines?

Leave the worrying of where to go to us, no need to waste time searching reviews, we will pick the best local gastronomy for you to savor, all you have to do is just come and enjoy! But I must warn you, bring your appetite as you will try food from abundant fresh traditional home-cooked style cuisine all the way up the scale to Michelin-starred innovative cuisine from the hottest chefs that put art on a plate! 

Even if you want to learn the secrets of how to make the local dishes we have access to chefs than can give you a hands-on cooking class to take home some great recipes that you can try out on your friends and family!

With our advanced search you can search for a suitable tour in the destinations we offer. Can´t find the right tour then ask us for a tailor-made tour

Eatour Specialist, SL

Calle Marques de Valladares 14 Vigo, Pontevedra 36201 SPAIN

Mr. Sean P. O'Rourke

CEO & Co-Founder
Phone: +34 986 221399

Travel Specialty

  • Adventure Travel
  • Art & Culture/Music
  • Beach Vacations
  • Boating/Yacht/Sailing
  • Camping/Hiking
  • Castles/Villas
  • Culinary/Cooking/Gastronomy
  • Customized Travel
  • Destination Weddings
  • Eco-Tourism
  • Family Fun
  • Family/Multi-generational
  • Group Vacation
  • Honeymoon
  • Leisure Travel

Destination Specialties

  • Europe - Western
  • Spain


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