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Gabriela Neuwirth, VTA

Travel Advisor
Phone: 917-328-7616

'Travel is the only expense that makes you richer' - I truly agree with this quote. The excitement and enrichment that comes with travel always makes me feel my investment was so worth it, based on the memories it allowed me to create, based on discovering different parts in myself which I didn't know about, based on the excitement, before as I prepare and anticipate, during as I experience the destinations and, after as I look back and share my trip with friends and family. Growing up in a small village in the Austrian Alps, I became enthralled with travel when taking a school trip to Greece. Ever since then I take any opportunity to discover different parts of the world. Europe remains on top of my list. Every country is so distinct with so many beautiful sights, picturesque little villages, full of history, continually being restored to welcome visitors for an authentic experience.

Gabriela's Getaways

72 Park Terrace W. E7X New York, NY 10034 UNITED STATES

Gabriela Neuwirth, VTA

Travel Advisor
Phone: 917-328-7616

Travel Specialty

  • Adventure Travel
  • All Inclusive
  • Art & Culture/Music
  • Budget Travel
  • Castles/Villas
  • Cruising/Cruise Lines
  • Cruising - River
  • Customized Travel
  • Family/Multi-generational
  • Historical
  • Honeymoon
  • Leisure Travel
  • Motor coach/Bus
  • Nature
  • Rail

Destination Specialties

  • Europe - Northern
  • Europe - Western
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • England - United Kingdom
  • U.S. - Alaska


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