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Jackie Wager, Travel One Inc

"Brought back 54 students from 26 countries all safely in a moment's notice.”

Over the past couple of weeks, Jackie has worked tirelessly on behalf of a student exchange program to bring high school-aged youths safely home early due to the COVID-19 virus. Jackie was challenged to hastily bring home 54 students from 26 countries – dealing with the ticket exchanges and different airline policies; and ever-changing airline flight schedules and cancellations. She navigated all of the special requests and personalities of the students, parents, and host families.

From the Exchange Program Director: “Jackie has worked long hours, has always been available (even over the weekend and at night) and has been incredibly patient with parents that at times can go over the top protecting their children.” As one parent stated, “…the extra effort that you undertook to make it happen in rapidly shifting circumstances was incredibly appreciated. We are waiting on one of Ana’s bags, but are so glad to have her home that we kind of don’t care. Perspective is a fascinating thing. I had never used a Travel Agent before, but I now truly perceive how valuable you are. Thank you very much.”

It all underscores exactly why YOU SHOULD ALWAYS USE A TRAVEL ADVISOR.

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