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Ran Cohen, RC Travel For Less/Travel Planners International

"With a 160-person wedding on the line, the Travel Advisor saves the day.”

Nothing feels worse than after almost a year of planning, 160 people freaking out and looking to cancel a wedding cruise because of the fear of the Coronavirus. The look on the bride’s face broke my heart. I spent hours over the phone talking to each guest, sending them every single piece of facts that I could in order to try to calm them down, so they could make the best decision for themselves.

We boarded the Navigator of the Seas on March 6, 2020, without knowing how many people will join us. It was nerve-racking, but after the muster drill, I sat down with the bride and the groom and told them we have 140 people!!! The rest is history.

The wedding was saved and with private functions every day, it was one of the best sailings and wedding parties I ever been to....all I kept hearing is: ‘Ran, you saved the day’”

Ran Cohen

It all underscores exactly why YOU SHOULD ALWAYS USE A TRAVEL ADVISOR.

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