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Thomas Carpenter, Huckleberry Travel / Uniglobe Travel Center (Ensemble)

"I was able to cancel the booking that I made for them in no time flat--they didn't even have to pick up the phone.”

“I had clients who were planning to travel to Italy in April, who had already booked a vacation rental in Sorrento on their own. They made the booking from one of the large vacation rental websites that host a lot of properties that haven't been vetted for safety, security, or scams.

They were planning to book with the same website for the second half of their trip in Rome. But since they reached out to me before they had actually booked one of those unverified apartment rentals through that website, I gave them the option of booking a vacation rental through one of my preferred suppliers that offers professionally managed rental properties, and ultimately they booked that half of their vacation through me.

When the COVID-19 outbreak made it clear that they were going to need to cancel their trip, they had to do battle to cancel that reservation they had made on their own - long-distance calls to the guy who owned the apartment in Italy, with a time change and a language barrier. And that big website online that advertises how awesome and cheap their properties are was no help to them, whatsoever in trying to get their reservation canceled and refunded.

By contrast, I was able to cancel the booking that I made for them in no time flat. And even though the reservation I made for them through my vendor was non-refundable, I got it canceled for them for free.

And that’s just one example of how we’ve stepped in to help our clients who have had to cancel or postpone travel during this difficult time. None of my clients have lost a dime in what they had invested in their trip—in every case, they got a refund or a generous credit for future travel—sometimes even more than they paid for their initial reservation. And none of my clients have spent a minute on hold with an airline, a tour operator, a cruise line, or a resort.”

Thomas Carpenter

It all underscores exactly why YOU SHOULD ALWAYS USE A TRAVEL ADVISOR.

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