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Virginia Barthel, European Travel Whisperer/Nexion, LLC

"One call to Travel Advisor on behalf of his older parents, had them home the next day from the Caribbean”

"To date, I have rebooked or canceled all client reservations without a financial impact on the client, with the help of all of our GREAT suppliers! For one set of clients that did travel to the Caribbean for their two-week vacation, before the virus had become a crisis in the U.S., I was able to help them get home early.

They had tried to call the airline themselves from a phone provided by the Resort they were staying at, but the hold times of 2+ hours were more than they could manage. They got in touch with their son (who is a Doctor and was very concerned about his 70-year-old father getting home and quarantined) who called me and asked if there was ANY way to get them home Wednesday instead of Friday.

I spent four hours of my day on hold with Funjet Vacations and when the reservation agent answered, she was exceedingly helpful and had her air department rebook the flight immediately with no questions and at no additional cost. We went over the terms and what the clients needed to do on the Resort to get the transfer to the airport booked and I relayed that info to my client's son, who relayed it on to his parents and they were home the next day.

The client called me the next morning to say THANK YOU! They had tried to manage the situation themselves in numerous ways and were unsuccessful. The Resort they were at was quickly emptying of guests, staff and food and they were really getting frightened. They truly felt that we helped to save their lives. I was just doing my best to look out for my clients, just like I always do!"

Virginia Barthel

It all underscores exactly why YOU SHOULD ALWAYS USE A TRAVEL ADVISOR.

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