Tipping is very much a personal thing.  While this guideline will hopefully give you a framework, remember it’s very much up to you – and the service you received. 

10 Tips on Tipping from Travel Advisors: 

1. Leave the tip in an obvious location like the dresser or the bed.  

2. The average suggested tip amount is $2-3 per day or up to $5 per day if you’re staying at a 4 or 5 star hotel. 

3. The tip will vary depending on how many people are in your suite. If you have three or more travelers staying together, increase the tip by $1 per additional person.  

4. Valet tipping averages between $3-5 and is presented after the valet retrieves your vehicle. This is customary for any hotel valet, even if parking is included.  

5. Bellman should be tipped $1-$2 per bag. You can also tip $5 flat and plan to tip an additional $1 per bag if you’re traveling with a large group. Remember: if your Bellman provided an excellent orientation along the way you should consider tipping more, $2-$3.  

6. If you’re staying somewhere that provides butler service, $25-$75 per day is customary depending on the level luxury in your accommodations. We recommend providing the butler’s tip at the end of your stay in a sealed envelope.  

7. Shuttle drive: Always tip $5, especially for short trips to and from the airport. Plan to tip more for longer trips and remember, this is per person. If you have bags, tipping an additional $2 is recommending, adding $1 per additional bag.  

8. Concierge: Tipping a concierge is not expected but something savvy travelers always do. A standard $5 per request is customary for concierge tipping. But if the requests are complicated, plan to tip extra!  

9. Doorman: If the doorman is just holding the door, a thank you is all you need. However, if the doorman is hailing a cab or helping with a bag $1-$2 per bag is standard. If the doorman is just hailing a cab we recommend $1-$2.  

10. Front desk staff: Hopefully travelers won’t have a mess to untangle at the front desk if they book with their travel advisor who takes care of everything. If you do get an unexpected upgrade or the front desk staff helps you sort through a reservation hiccup, consider tipping with a nice online review.

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