Becoming a Travel Agent (Travel Advisor)

Does travel to places such as Hong Kong, Machu Picchu, London, Rome, and Morocco sound good to you? Would you like to dine in quaint restaurants along the Seine or wander down ancient alleys in Istanbul? If so, becoming a travel agent (advisor) is a great career choice for you.

Becoming and ultimately being a travel agent takes dedication, travel expertise, and excellent interpersonal skills. ASTA’s “Becoming A Travel Advisor” course will provide you with a wealth of information about the travel agency industry as well as specific information to help you begin your career as a travel agent. We’ll detail the role of the advisor in terms of the “travel value chain”; we’ll talk about the makeup and job requirements of a good advisor.

ASTA’s course also explains the multiple travel agency business models in place today and give you a sense of just how advisors make money. Whether you’re looking for training options, seeking employment as an advisor or are interested in various advisor certifications and credentials, this course, – with a multitude of resources and a glossary of commonly used terms – will provide you the information and tools you need to start your journey.

Use these valuable ASTA resources to launch your career as a first-class travel advisor!

Becoming a Travel Advisor – A Great Career Choice Online Course Only $25.00

The “Becoming a Travel Advisor Handbook”, which is included in the course is a comprehensive, 44-page booklet that will open up your eyes to the exciting and fast-paced world of a professional travel advisor.

This educational and entertaining guide will teach you about the travel industry in general and the specifics on beginning your satisfying career as a professional travel consultant, all while saving you hours and hours of searching online for information that may or may not be reliable.

Backed by the American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA), you can trust the information in “Becoming a Travel Advisor” introductory course as it helps you decide if a rewarding job as a professional travel advisor is in your future.

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