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Meet the Lucky Family and ASTA Verified Travel Advisor Selected for $10,000 Vacation Do Over

Last summer, ASTA unveiled its new Vacation Do Over campaign with the mission of re-doing someone’s failed vacation. During ASTA’s Global Convention, we announced that the Freemyer family of Sweester, Indiana would be the deserving recipients of a Vacation Do Over. “We launched the Vacation Do Over campaign to highlight the meaningful difference that using a travel advisor can make ,” said Zane Kerby, ASTA’s President & CEO. “So finding the travel advisor was a critical and difficult decision. We started by creating a comprehensive travel profile from the Freemyers so that our members could personalize their itinerary pitches.”

Selecting the Travel Advisor

ASTA asked close to one hundred Verified Travel Advisors to tell us why they should be the Freemyer’s travel advisor for this trip by giving us sample itineraries to help seal the deal. The creative itineraries were based on an extensive “wish list” provided by the family. You can see the Freemyer’s full travel profile here.

After sifting through the submissions, ASTA’s internal selection committee selected Kathy Kocharhook as the winning travel advisor. Kathy is the founder and CEO of Sail-N-Travel in San Jose, CA, and is a Verified Travel Advisor, Certified Travel Agent, Master Cruise Counselor and specializes in family travel and romance trips.

“I want to help people experience the transformative power of travel by venturing beyond their comfort zone. The world needs the healing and bonding that travel experiences offer, now more than ever,” said Kathy. “When I heard about the Freemyer’s failed vacation I immediately related to them. My husband and I had a similar experience during our honeymoon when our car broke down. That mishap was just the beginning, but it toppled our entire plan…and budget. I remember what it felt like to wish for a honeymoon do over! I also have grandsons the same age as the Freemyer boys (ages five and nine) so I’m familiar with how to make lasting memories with the whole family, because I’ve done with mine!”

Where Will They Go?

The Big Reveal

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