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Help Us Build This $10,000 Family Vacation

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We have a hot new travel lead for you and a budget of $10,000 to fix a failed vacation for the Freemyer Family, the winners of our 2019 Vacation Do Over contest. If you’re an ASTA Verified Travel Advisor, or currently enrolled in our Verified Travel Advisor certification program, we invite you to submit your vacation pitch – tell us why the Freemyers should make you their travel advisor, and give us a sample itinerary to seal the deal.

Background: As we recently found in our annual How America Travels survey, "nearly one out of six travelers (18%) had a personal trip that was so bad; they wish they could have a ‘do-over.’"

To give travelers a chance at a “do over,” we put out a call to the public and asked the world to send us their worst travel horror stories. After hundreds of submissions we selected our winner. Meet the Freemyers!

*Please note that only Verified Travel Advisors (VTA) are eligible to submit trip itineraries. If selected, you must have completed or be enrolled in the ASTA Verified Travel Advisor (VTA) Certification Program.

For all questions, please email

*Submit details to your itinerary in the form below. Submissions due by 11/15/2019

Freemyer Family Travel Profile

Daniel & Stephanie Freemyer and their two boys
Tait, 8 yrs old – will be 9 in December 2019
Lucan, 5 yrs old – will be 6 in June 2020

Departure Airport:
Indianapolis or Fort Wayne

Available Travel Dates:

  • ● December 2019 December 29-January 10
  • ● Spring Break 2020 March 19-31
  • ● Summer 2020 May 22-June 12 and July 6-July 31

Travel Wish List

  • Africa ,
  • Europe ,
  • Alaska ,
  • New Zealand ,
  • Asia ,
  • Ireland/Scotland ,
  • Great Britain ,
  • National Parks ,
  • Disney ,
  • Cruises

Additional Areas of Interest

  • Seattle ,
  • Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks ,
  • Alaskan Cruise -(Disney cruise line) ,
  • Europe/France -(Disney Paris Stop) ,
  • Northern Lights ,
  • British Isles Cruise ,
  • Egypt ,

Interest and Activities

  • Adventure travel ,
  • Fly/Drive Trips,
  • Food & Wine ,
  • All-Inclusive ,
  • Cruises ,
  • Diving/Watersports ,
  • Rail Tours
  • Art/Culture/Theater/Histor ,
  • Hiking/Walking ,
  • Bicycling Tours ,
  • Disney ,
  • Island Resorts/Sun & Sand
  • Skiing

Family Request: Listed in order of priority

Stephanie and Dan prefer that the trip be all-inclusive so that meals don’t add up as additional out of pocket costs expenses above and beyond the $10,000.

In addition,Tait wants to be a dolphin trainer when he grows up and thinks that swimming with dolphins sounds like fun (but if age requirements would disqualify Lucan, we would not be interested in some of our family being left out of the experience). Which takes us to more request from Dan and Lucan...

Dan has always wanted to visit Egypt and Lucan thinks skiing and playing in the snow sounds like fun. He especially wants to build a snowman and have a snowball fight. We have also talked about staying in a tree house since our honeymoon was such a disaster – this could be a fun part of the honeymoon to redeem.

Key Details From the Family

Only Dan has a passport currently, but we are open to applying for the entire family to have passports. We are all open to going anywhere, but Dan leans towards an over-seas vacation: more money would go towards flights, but we would see a part of the world we’ve never experienced.

Stephanie leans towards staying in the US: we could plan a more luxurious trip with amazing meals, fun excursions, unique experiences, and better hotels. While we prefer exploring and experiencing nature – a few days in an amusement park, museum, or sight-seeing would be fun, too!

Dan and Stephanie would enjoy a night together while the kids are supervised but it would not be a high priority. The kids love riding bikes, mazes, trying new things, thrill rides, jumping rocks, and video games.

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